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Joseph Marcantonio the patriarch of the Carmine’s business immigrated from Italy in the 1930's settling in Newark, NJ bringing his expert masonry skills to America.


Marcantonio Construction was established in Newark which Carmine and his brothers at a young age started to work, and learning the art of masonry.


Carmine Marcantonio the youngest of the brothers felt it was time to move on and venture on his own, incorporating a new business with the same principles and ideals, but with even more to offer. In the late 1960’s Carmine's Landscaping & Construction Inc. was founded.


As history would repeat itself, the youngest of Carmine’s children soon developed a keen interest in the business. When Matthew was a boy he would enjoy getting his hands dirty with concrete and working with his grandfathers learning the art of masonry.


Today Matthew Joseph Marcantonio has accumulated years of experience and runs the construction and landscape design aspects of Carmine's Landscaping & Construction Inc.


Marcantonio Construction provided Custom Masonry from Italy for over 65yrs by Joseph, Luis and Nicolas Marcantonio.

CARMINE'S LANDSCAPING & CONSTRUCTION LLC has been providing pure quality service for over 40 years. What makes this company stand out from the rest? It the ability to maintain its family values in business ethnic and superb customer service and you have yourself a company that truly cant be beat. 

Carmine’s Landscaping & Construction LLC is proud to be a family owned and operated business. Our company is committed to offering quality craftsmanship at the highest standards and guarantees all our installations.

Carmine’s carries all necessary licenses, insurances, certificates required by the state of New Jersey. We are honored to be a member of Angie’s List with an A rating and a ICPI certified paver installer. The foundation of our business is built on family values starting with honesty and trust which all our clients deserve.

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